Funding Opportunities

See below for current funding opportunities available from YCCO. 

1. YCCO SHARE Funding

Vision: A unified healthy community that celebrates physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. 

Mission: Working together to improve the quality of life and health  of the community by coordinating effective care.


SHARE: Supporting Health for All through Reinvestment

  • SHARE is a program that allows CCOs to reinvest funds in their communities to address health inequities and SDOH-E.
  • Requirements intend to increase strategic, community-aligned SDOH-E spending, as well as the tracking and transparency on spending.

SHARE Primary Goals:

  • Safeguard public dollars by requiring a portion of CCO profits be reinvested in their communities.
  • Improve member and community health by requiring reinvestments go toward upstream factors that impact health (i.e. housing, food, transportation).


All proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Requirement 1: Spending must fall within SDOH-E domains and include spending toward a statewide housing priority:
    • Economic stability
    • Neighborhood and built environment
    • Education
    • Social and community health
    • A portion of a CCO’s SHARE Initiative spending must be spent on housing-related services and supports.
  • Requirement 2: Spending priorities must align with community priorities from Community Health Improvement Plans (CHPs).
    • Identify common health outcomes/common priority populations.

The CHIP priorities are as follows:

Housing | Food and Nutrition | Infants and Children 
Mental Health and Substance Abuse | Emergency Preparedness | Access to Healthcare | Transportation


Applicants must be 501(c)3 organizations, Tribes, Urban Indian Health Programs or public agencies. Exceptions may be made if that applicant or program is clearly addressing community need and demonstrates ability to share accounting practices transparently as needed to assure funds, if awarded, are spent as public benefit. Multiple agencies may collaborate on a project or application, but only one agency may apply as the fiscal sponsor. YCCO staff will be available to answer questions and provide technical support in completing the application. Email funding@yamhillcco.org with questions or requests for TA.

Funding will not be awarded:

  1. To individuals or in the form of scholarships
  2. For political purposes
  • To disburse subgrants
  1. For any non-charitable purposes outside of the meaning of Chapter 65 of Oregon Administrative Rules regarding 501(c)3 corporations
  2. Funding for projects must not supplant existing funding streams for systems or programmatic work
  3. For any activities that may be a covered Medicaid benefit, including delivery of medical, behavioral health, oral health, or traditional health worker services
  • For any activities that have been completed before the award is received, or that end before December 27th 2023.

Programs addressing populations that are historically or systemically underserved, including Tribes, and populations that exhibit ethnic, linguistic, economic, academic, or other disparities will be given preference. SHARE funding can be awarded for capital expenses.

Applicants must submit a current W9 for the applying agency in order to receive payment. If personal health information (PHI) or other confidential information will be exchanged, awardees will sign a Business Associate’s Agreement with YCCO. Awardees may be required to submit other financial or organization-specific paperwork upon receipt of grant.


Funding will be administered for the program according to terms identified during contract development. Typical awards are disbursed on an annual cycle, with final reporting due thirty days after the end of the yearlong project period.

The Request for Grant Proposals released:  August 1st 2023
Applications due:  September 15th  
Awards announced:  October 18th 2023
Agreements released:  November 1st 2023
Payment disbursed:  December 27th 2023 if not prior*

*Note: this timeline is contingent on receipt of necessary documents needed for payment outlined in this agreement
Email funding@yamhillcco.org with questions or to be added to the mailing list.


Please complete application online: APPLY ONLINE
If you need assistance completing the application or would like it in another language, contact funding@yamhillcco.org or  503-376-7428.   

Or submit completed applications to Emily Johnson at ejohnson@yamhillcco.org or at 819 NE Third St., McMinnville, OR 97128. Please direct questions to Emily Johnson at the email above or at (503)376-7428.

Download the YCCO SHARE Funding Grant Instructions & Application.

2. Traditional Health Worker Scholarship & Grant


Yamhill Community Care is accepting requests from organizations and entities in Yamhill, Polk, and Washington counties to support partners who recognize the need to build capacity both by increasing the number of certified THWs, and by increasing desire and commitment among THWs to pursue additional formal education to be on the OHA’s registry.

Traditional Health Workers (doula, peer support specialist, peer wellness specialist, community health worker, personal health navigator), play a unique role in the care delivery system, often assisting in bridging and closing gaps that traditionally require understanding and working at the root causes of health outcomes.


This grant/scholarship will prioritize funding support in the following areas: Grant amounts range from $100 to $5,000.

  • Supervisory and Mentorship Training.
  • THW Training and Certification for racial or ethnic minorities, and individuals serving high needs/ at-risk populations (increase diversity and representation of the number of certified doulas, peer support specialists, peer wellness specialists, community health workers, personal/patient health navigators to be on OHA’s registry).
  • Program Expansion and Capacity Building. Preference will be given to applicants with a proven record of providing solutions to underserved regions, and vulnerable populations using traditional health workers particularly, 501(c)(3) organizations (example: addition of health promotion classes, etc.)
  • Continue education, conferences, or other training relevant to scope of practice.
  • Development and improvement of health information technology related to needs assessment and coordination of social needs and referral* (investment in health information technology (HIT) and/or technical assistance for workflow for needs identification and care coordination.
  • Nonmonetary technical assistance for quality improvement and structuring of delivery and execution of THW programing.
  • Coordinating efforts to support members through the redetermination process.


Interested organizations or individuals should complete a brief questionnaire below. All supporting documents can be emailed to funding@yamhillcco.org . Applicants will be notified within two weeks after the application has been received, and awardees will be contacted within four to six weeks of the initial application.  Multiple agencies may collaborate on a project or application, but only one agency may apply as the fiscal sponsor.

Deadline: Rolling until all funds have been disbursed.

For more information or support completing application, contact Hope Caldwell, YCCO THW Liaison at hcaldwell@yamhillcco.org or 971-261-1996

Traditional Health Worker Scholarship/Grant Questionnaire

Scan the QR code below to complete the Traditional Health Worker Scholarship/ Grant Questionnaire, or complete online.

Download the YCCO Traditional Health Worker Scholarship & Grant Application

Download the YCCO Traditional Health Worker Scholarship & Grant Application in Spanish