Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Community Information Exchange (CIE) is a way of connecting and sharing important information about those seeking and receiving services.

CIE allows health plans and medical and social service providers to better understand and address needs of an individual.

Can Community Information Exchange (CIE) help you provide services?

Yamhill Community Care is considering funding a CIE platform for the community. To understand if this resource would be helpful for our partners, we need you to share your interest through our survey! 

CIE Interest Survey


Need to learn more about CIE?

If you aren’t sure you know enough about CIE to share your level of interest in using a CIE platform, please take a look at the materials below.

If you still have questions after reviewing these materials, please email info@yamhillcco.org to connect with us!

CIE Video: This video has been provided by Unite Us, one of the CIE options in our state.

SHARE and CIE Power Point: This material has been shared in our CIE information sessions and can help folks to better understand the usefulness of CIE in our community.