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Sometimes getting the care you need isn’t easy. Keeping appointments, finding programs to help with food or housing, and meeting your goals is hard to do. But you don’t have to feel alone. Our Community Health Hub team will pair with you to live the healthy life you want, in whatever ways you decide.

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Get connected with a Community Health Worker

Our Community Health Workers are people who understand our community. The health care system can be difficult to navigate. Our experts help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Community Health Worker Hub Referral Form

Community Health Workers can help in many ways:

  • Help you get a provider for your dental, physical, or mental Health
  • Help schedule health visits and go with you
  • Give you info about resources in your area, like food or rent help
  • Work with places like your doctor’s office or social services
  • Talk to you about your health insurance benefits

Still not sure? Here are some of the things the Community Health Worker team has done:

  • Delivered clothing to someone who needed it
  • Assisted family in getting a second pair of glasses for child
  •  Assisted family to get a scholarship to attend spring break basketball camp
  • Assisted a parent fill out physical therapy paperwork
  • Assisted family to obtain partial rent payment through Service Integration Teams
  • Assisted parent in switching to a new doctor
  • Helped a parent get IEP Evaluation for child
  • Assisted parent in advocating to their doctor for ADHD treatment
  • Helped a family get clean bedding after a chronic lice infestation
  • Helped a parent seek out support for herself as well as her child with autism for the first time
  • Helped a first-time mom secure safe housing before giving birth to a healthy baby boy
  • Attended a family’s first physical therapy appointment to help advocate and provide moral support

Get connected

Just ask your doctor to refer you to a Community Health Worker. We’ll contact you to set up an appointment.

Once you’re referred to a Community Health Worker, you’ll have one-on-one support. They will identify any challenges you may be facing. Then they’ll come up with a plan for those issues.

You can also call Customer Service at 1-855-722-8205

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