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Sometimes getting the care you need is not easy. Keeping appointments, finding programs to help with food or housing, and meeting your goals can be hard to do.

The great news is you are not alone!

Our Community Health Hub team will partner with you to live the healthy life you want to live. They can help in whatever way you decide.

Community Health Workers(CHWs) are part of a group of frontline public health workers who provide support to individuals to help with their health goals.

This group of workers are under the umbrella term of “Traditional Health Workers”.

Community Health Workers assist in many ways:

  • Help you get a provider for your dental, physical, or mental health
  • Help schedule health visits and go with you if you choose
  • Share about resources in your area, like food or rent assistance
  • Work with your doctor’s office or social services
  • Talk to you about your YCCO health benefits


Wellness-to-Learn Program

Community Health Workers also provide a program called Wellness-to-Learn. The focus of this program is to connect school children and their families to social, medical, dental, and behavioral support.

Still not sure? Here are some of the things in the Wellness-to-Learn program:

  • Brings clothing, bedding, and furniture to someone who needs it
  • Help families in getting a second pair of glasses for a child
  • Help families in getting scholarships to attend childhood camps
  • Help with filling out paperwork or switching to a new doctor
  • Help with securing safe housing or partial rent payments through community programs
  • Help parents schedule IEP evaluations


Get connected with a Community Health Worker

Our Community Health Workers understand the needs of the community and know about resources. You can refer yourself or be referred by:

  • Anyone working in your doctor’s office.
  • Local community partners.
  • Hospitals and other healthcare professionals who work with you.

You can also ask for a Community Health Worker for yourself or an eligible family member by calling Customer Service at 1-855-722-8205.

Once you are referred to a Community Health Worker, you will have one-on-one support.

They will help you figure out any challenges you may be facing. Then together, you will come up with a plan to solve those issues.

Community Health Hub Referral Form



Community Health Hub Printables

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