Drug List (Formulary)

The Drug List (or Formulary) provides a directory of all the preferred medications currently approved for Yamhill Community Care members. This Formulary is administered and provided by Providence Plan Partners.

YamhillCCO Drug List Portal

Formulary Changes Effective 08.01.2024

You can search for a drug in one of the following ways:

  1. Find the drug listed in the Formulary/PDF index; or
  2. In the PDF file, enter the drug name into the search box located in the menu; or
  3. Call Customer Service for assistance in finding a drug
  4. Pharmacy Help Desk 503-574-7400

If you want us to send you a printed copy of this formulary, please contact Customer Service. There is no charge for this service and you will receive it within five business days.

Other Prescription Drug Resources

Learn about safe prescription drug use, storage, and disposal here: http://www.takemedsseriouslyoregon.org/

Check this website to find the address of the drug take-back and disposal site nearest you: http://www.oracwa.org/documents/Unwanteddrugdropoffsites.pdf

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