Traditional Health Workers

Traditional Health Workers (THWs) are an umbrella term for frontline public health workers who work in the community, clinic and/or hospital. They support individuals in a variety of ways to achieve better health.

THWs walk alongside members connecting them with resources to address their unmet needs.  

There are five types of THWs available to you:

  • Community Health Workers (CHW): CHWs can help you in receiving the healthcare you need.
  • Peer Support Specialists (PSS): PSS can give support, encouragement and help to those facing addictions and mental health issues.
  • Peer Wellness Specialists (PWS): PWSs give support, encouragement and help to address physical and mental health needs.
  • Personal Health Navigators (PHN): PHNs offer care coordination for members from within the health system.
  • Birth Doulas: Doulas give companionship and personal, non-medical support to women and families throughout the pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum experience.

Remember that there are some traditional health workers located in your physical, behavioral, and dental providers’ offices. You can find contact information for different types of THW’s on our Find A Provider page. 

You can get more information on our local THWs by calling our THW Liaison, Lily, at 503-455-8048.

Still wondering how a traditional health worker can be useful to you? Talk with your care team or PCP to help you decide. 


THW Grant & Scholarship Opportunity!

Yamhill Community Care is accepting requests from organizations and entities in Yamhill, Polk, and Washington counties to support community partners and individuals who recognize and are dedicated to addressing the social health needs of YCCO members using traditional health workers (THWs). 

You can learn more and apply by clicking here.