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Yamhill CCO is informed by its community and guided by leadership whose focus is on the member

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Quality and Clinical Advisory Panel (QCAP)

The Yamhill CCO Quality and Clinical Advisory Panel is responsible for promoting clinical and system practices to achieve the Triple Aim: improve care, improve health, lower cost. QCAP provides oversight and direction to the organization’s quality program, clinical initiatives that drive care transformation and associated quality and performance metrics.

The Quality and Clinical Advisory Council

QCAP consists of representatives from the following agencies: 

  • Virginia Garcia
  • Physicians Medical Center
  • Capitol Dental
  • Physicians Medical Center
  • Physicians Medical Center
  • Yamhill County Health and Human Services – Public Health
  • West Hills Health Care
  • Yamhill County Health and Human Services
  • Miller Chiropractic Health Clinic
  • Capitol Dental
  • Providence Medical Group, Newberg
  • Providence Newberg Medical

Meeting Information:
Fourth Tuesday of each month
Via Zoom

Want to get in touch with the Chair or request minutes or agendas? Email info@yamhillcco.org

Community Prevention and Wellness Committee (CPW)

By intervening early, we can achieve community-wide wellness for generations to come. That’s why we support programs that are proven to impact not only our members but the whole community with local investments in population health programs.

Community Prevention and Wellness

The Community Prevention and Wellness Committee is made up of representatives from several local non-profit organizations and agencies. As local residents, they have in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of our community and are committed to making it healthier.

The agencies that represent the CPW include:

  • Yamhill County Public Health
  • Health and Human Services
  • Juliette’s House
  • SmileKeepers
  • Lutheran Community Services
  • Ford Family Foundation

Email ejohnson@yamhillcco.org to learn more.

Looking for minutes?

If you would like to access Board Meeting Minutes, email info@yamhillcco.org to request.