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Finding a provider is an important first step to managing your health! The provider directory is the list of all the YCCO in-network providers. This list has info about the provider such as their clinic name, phone number, address, if they are taking new patients and languages they speak.

Customer Service can help you with provider information if you don’t want to use the online directory. They can send you paper copies of the directory, or they can give you provider info over the phone. You can call them Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm at 855-722-8205 or TTY/TTD 711.

visit the provider directory

You can also download a PDF version of the Provider Directory below:

YCCO Provider Directory Part 1 (Primary Care)

YCCO Provider Directory Part 2 (Specialty Care)

YCCO Provider Directory Part 3 (Other Providers and Index)

You can download an comprehensive excel version of the Provider Directory below:

YCCO Provider Directory 

Click on the FIND A PROVIDER button to open the directory and begin your search.

  • You can search by provider information and/or location (see below)
  • Search by the type of provider, provider or clinic name, gender, specialty, if the provider is accepting new patients, or languages a provider may speak
  • You can also search for names of clinics or hospitals

To search by location 

  • Choose a city, put in a zip code, or choose a county
  • To only get providers within a number of miles from your home, put in your zip code and choose the number of miles from the zip code drop down list

When you finish your search 

  • You will see the list of providers based on the criteria you searched
  • You will also see a map of where those providers are located
  • You can then print the list of providers from your search. However, the map will not print. You will only see the names of the providers and their information.

The provider directory will change as we add new providers. It’s updated every 30 days.



Coordinated care working for your healthcare needs

Your YCCO member benefits include a range of support from your general physical health with your primary care provider, to your mental health and dental care! You may have some questions about accessing specialty care, second opinions, and other important needs. Expand the options below to learn more. You can also give us a call on our Customer Service line.

Referrals and direct access to providers and specialists

YCCO allows direct access to specialty care.

A specialist could be someone like:

  •         A cardiologist for heart problems
  •         A orthopedist for bone problems

You can make an appointment with a specialist that is in the provider network. Your PCP or Customer Service can help you find one. They are also in the YCCO Provider Directory.

Some specialists will ask for a:

  •         Referral from your PCP
  •         Your health records 

If they ask for either of these things, work with your PCP to get a referral and to send your health record.

If your specialist wants you to do other services like an x-ray or blood test you may need prior approval from your PCP. Your specialist will work with your to do this. 

Out of network providers

Seeing an Out-of-Network Provider

When you choose to see a provider that is not in-network with YCCO you may have to pay for your services. Before you see a provider that is not in-network with YCCO you should call Customer Service at Call us at 1-855-722-8205 or work with your PCP. Prior approval may be needed or there may be a provider in-network that can fit your needs. 

Out of town care

If you need care when you are away from home, call Customer Service. YCCO will cover urgent or emergency medical care service when out of town.

Emergency care

If you think that you have a real emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
You do not need permission to get care in an emergency. Always carry your

If it is not an emergency, do not go to the hospital. Please call your PCP first to see if you can be seen at the office or if they feel you need to seek emergency care.

Getting a second opinion

If you need or want a second opinion, YCCO will cover it. If you want to see a provider outside our network for your second opinion, you or your provider will need to get our approval first. There is no cost to the member.

If you want a second opinion from another PCP, call Customer Service and they can help you find a PCP for this service.  

To get a second opinion, you can pick a provider and make an appointment. If you need help finding a provider ask your PCP or Customer Service.

If you want a second opinion about your care options, this does not need prior approval and is at no cost to the member.

Other Resources
Other resources are available to you in times of need
We work closely with community and social agencies. If you face challenges like homelessness or hunger, or have one or more health conditions, we can connect you with the right resources.

Visit our Community Health Hub page to learn about our Community Health Workers, and how to contact them to get extra support where you need it.

What's a PCP?

Your Primary Care Provider is your family healthcare resource. He/she could be a doctor, a nurse practitioner, or a physicians assistant.

Need help finding a provider?

Call us at 1-855-722-8205


Monday – Friday
8am to 5pm


Call 911 or go straight to the nearest emergency room.

If you or someone you know may hurt themselves or someone else, call 911