Frequently Asked Questions and Scoring Rubric Posted for Positive Family Support RFP

CPW Grants ProgramRequest for Proposals (RFP)

Frequently Asked Questions
Created February 8, 2016
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Can the materials be made available to those who weren’t awarded the grant?


Can additional images be attached to the grant outside of the narrative?

No, no additional pages will be considered, but data representations that further the narrative are acceptable.

Can more than one school in a single district apply?

Yes. Each school will need to complete a separate application unless the intention is to split to the total award of $40K between the two schools in which that should be explicit in the application.

Is funding for the subsequent two years be guaranteed?

Grantees will be given the opportunity to participate in an expedited reapplication process for the next year, provided the program has been satisfactorily implemented. Additional grant awards are dependent on available funding.

Can schools apply for less than the full $40,000 if it is not needed in the budget?


Can schools apply for more than the $40,000 if that amount will not be sufficient for the program.

No, but once funding is awarded, if there are leftover funds they may be re-distributed according to need.

Can we contact ASU or the REACH institute after the grant funds have run out?

Typically yes. The staff there are generally happy to answer brief questions or provide ongoing support. Please contact Samantha Kinney at kinneys@co.yamhill.or.us with ongoing questions and she will navigate the support or connect to the appropriate person.

Is there a recommended FTE per maximum number of kids (e.g. .5 FTE is ideal for a maximum 100 families per year).

One Family Support Specialist can typically serve ~40 families per month. It is advised that one dedicated support person perform the interventions. Other support, like parent consultants, will provide services like doing phone outreach and planning events.

Will less than a .5 FTE position be acceptable in the proposal?

Yes. Please identify the percentage in the proposal.

Could leftover funds be reallocated to schools that request/need more?

If there are leftover funds at the time of the grantee selection funds may be redistributed