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Members are assigned a primary care provider (PCP). If you do not have one, or would like to change providers, you can choose one from the directory or we can choose one for you. YCCO chooses a provider for you near your home and suggests that if you change, you choose one close to your home. That will make getting medical care easier. If you have any questions, please call customer service.

To use the search directory:

Click on the yellow button below to search for primary care providers, specialists, pharmacies, and durable medical equipment vendors. You can search by city, zip code or by specific provider name or specialty.  A mapping function, shows users exactly where a provider is located. You can select how many miles you want the search to include from your zip code. Please note you may need to put in a 10-mile radius even for your zip code to include all the providers in that area.

Information is also available regarding which languages a provider speaks, which hospital or clinic the provider is associated with and if the provider is accepting new patients. The provider directory can change as we add new providers. It is updated every 30 days. If you have any questions about the Provider Directory, or need assistance in finding a provider, please call Customer Service at 1-855-722-8205. TTY/TDD users can call 1-800-735-2900 or 7-1-1.

PLEASE NOTE: the search provider directory does not include behavioral health providers (mental health and chemical dependency) or dental health providers.  These can be found on the Behavioral Health Resources page or the Dental Health Resources page, respectively. If you are looking for help with transportation, go to the Transportation page

To use the online provider search tool:

  1. Click the “Search Provider Directory” button below for physical health providers
  2. Enter the information you want to find a participating provider

Click here for the PDF version of the directory YCCO Provider Directory May 2020

Primary Care Providers are where you should get most of your health care from. They will tell you if you need other types of care. They might need to refer you or ask for a prior approval for some services. Your PCP will work with the other providers you see and ask for updates about your care.

Specialist: If you need to see a specialist, work with your PCP. You will need a referral from you PCP to see a specialist. If you have questions, call your PCP or Customer Service.

Out of Network Providers: If you go to an out of network provider (one that is not on our list of providers) for non-emergency services without prior approval, you may have to pay for it. If you receive a bill from an out of network provider, call Customer Service.

Out of Town Care: If you need care when you are away from home, call Customer Service. YCCO will cover urgent or emergency medical care service when out-of-town.

Emergency Care: For an emergency, get medical help as soon as possible. Call 911 for help or go straight to the nearest emergency room. As soon as you can, you or your representative should call your PCP about your emergency care. Make sure you get the follow up care you need from your PCP.

If it is not an emergency, do not go to the hospital. Please call your PCP first to see if you can be seen at the office or if they feel you need to seek emergency care.

Second Opinion: YCCO covers you to get a second opinion. If you want a second opinion about your treatment options, ask your PCP to refer you to another provider. If you want or need to see a provider outside of our network, you will need to work with your PCP to get prior approval.

Page last updated 4/22/2020