Service Integration Teams

Yamhill Community Care

YCCO, Yamhill Early Learning Hub, Yamhill County Public Health, and Yamhill County Head Start are collaborating to expand Service Integration Teams in Yamhill County and have been awarded a grant from United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley. The purpose of this grant is to provide Yamhill County with the opportunity to create and manage Service Integration Teams (SITs) in each school district’s geographic area.

The seven SITs are:

• Newberg/Dundee
• Yamhill/Carlton
• Dayton
• McMinnville/Lafayette
• Sheridan
• Amity
• West Valley (serving Grand Ronde and Willamina).

Click Here to see a calendar of all Yamhill County SIT teams


Yamhill County Spanish Resource Guide Final 2019

What is Service Integration?

The purpose of the Service Integration program is to facilitate collaboration among community partners to provide coordinated resources and information for individuals and families. These are agency and community partners collaborating to further improve the overall health and well-being of Yamhill County residents by matching resources to clearly defined needs, while avoiding duplication of services.

Service Integration is a partnership between the agencies listed above, schools, partnering organizations, agencies, faith groups, and individuals throughout the county. The Service Integration Teams (SIT) will meet to network, share resources, discuss local needs, learn about new ways to connect people to services, and participate in relevant local trainings.

Where are Service Integration Teams?

Yamhill County has seven Service Integration Teams (SITs), one for each school district’s geographic area. These teams meet monthly and are open to anyone wanting to learn more about the valuable resources in the communities. Each team is unique to its local community with representatives from school staff, law enforcement, government (city, county, state) agencies, non-profits, faith based members, tribal members, and the community.

How can I learn more about SIT in Yamhill County?

If you’re interested in learning more about SITs in Yamhill County join our email list. Each team has an email list being created, where members will receive the monthly SIT Communication Newsletter (SIT Comm) and meeting reminders.

If interested, please contact Betsy Paniagua, at or call: 503-376-7423.

How can I apply for funding?

To apply for funding, you’ll need to start by filling out this online SIT Funding Request questionnaire. If you have questions about this form or need assistance filling it out please contact Betsy Paniagua by phone: 503-376-7423, or email:

For more information on the funding guidelines, click here.

For more information on the funding process, click here.

For information on urgent funding requests click here.