YCCO Makes Rebrand Announcement, March 2019

CONTACT: Ann Shultz

Yamhill Community Care focuses on holistic health, rebrands

New branding supports integrated wellness for the community


McMINNVILLE, ORE. 20 MARCH, 2019—Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members in Yamhill County and parts of neighboring counties have a leg up when it comes to preventative, holistic healthcare. Yamhill Community Care (YCCO), one of the most progressive Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) in Oregon, is deepening its focus on holistic wellness. A new brand identity featuring an updated logo, signage and messaging celebrates the core vision of a unified and healthy community and allows for an expanded focus on early childhood.

Focusing on the Kids

YCCO is also the only Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) in Oregon to be awarded an Early Learning Hub by the Oregon Department of Education’s Early Learning Division. This program brings together community partners to create a coordinated system that supports healthy families and prepares children to arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed. This holistic system of care addresses the social determinants that impact health and wellbeing for the child’s lifespan through home visiting, parenting groups, school readiness activities and more.

YCCO’s progressive approach to healthcare includes investing in family support programs such as Family C0RE, which provides a way for medical and social service providers to refer families for home visit services and/or peer support services through one central location. YCCO also coordinates Service Integration Teams (SIT) in each of seven school districts to bring members from all areas of the community together to address concrete needs of families in crisis and to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

“Well-being is about so much more than a person’s physical health,” said Seamus McCarthy, Ph.D., YCCO President and CEO. “When you are trying to change health outcomes in a community, you have to address the whole person and all the factors that play into wellness, from trauma history to community supports and beyond.” 

YCCO also formed the Community Prevention and Wellness Committee to identify evidence-based upstream interventions as well as innovative funding models to facilitate investment in these programs. One such program is the PAX Good Behavior Game, currently in six Yamhill County school districts. PAX GBG improves children’s self-regulation and reduces psychological and behavioral problems. Over thirty years of studies have shown this program to be highly effective in increasing graduation rates and in lowering substance abuse, delinquency and even suicidal ideation rates. 

A fresh new look

As of January 1, 2019, YCCO transitioned from Care Oregon as its third-party administrator and is now contracted with PH Tech and its network provider Providence. This significant internal move provided the opportunity for YCCO to get a fresh new look on its brand—the name, logo and design that identifies the organization. 

“A key part of creating our new brand image was removing the word ‘organization’ from the logo to bring the focus back to care for the community,” said Dr. McCarthy. “We started this grassroots CCO with the needs of the community in mind and will continue to evolve and offer even more innovative services as we take the CCO model to the next level.”

YCCO intends to partner with the Oregon Health Authority, to continue to provide services to members for another five years with what they’re calling “CCO 2.0,” a broader healthcare perspective that includes a focus on social determinants of health and behavioral health. “We have focused on social determinants and upstream prevention since our inception, so we have been ahead of the curve on this,” says Jenn Richter, Early Learning Program Administrator. “We’re continuing to focus on getting ahead of issues instead of just trying to treat them. The focus is on prevention.” 

YCCO will continue to address factors such as education, family supports and health equity in a holistic approach to community care. For more information on YCCO, visit  www.yamhillcco.org or call (855) 722-8205.