THW Grant & Scholarship Opportunity (CLOSED)

Traditional Health Worker Grant/Scholarship Application **Closed**

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Yamhill Community Care is accepting requests from organizations and entities in Yamhill, Polk, and Washington counties to support community partners and individuals who recognize and are dedicated to addressing the social health needs of YCCO members using traditional health workers (THWs). Multiple agencies may collaborate on a project or application, but only one agency may apply as the fiscal sponsor. 

Traditional Health Workers (THWs) play a unique role in the care delivery system, often assisting in bridging and closing gaps that traditionally require understanding and working at the root causes of health outcomes.  


This grant/scholarship will prioritize funding support in the following areas 

  • Supervisory and Mentorship Training 


  • THW Training and Certification for racial or ethnic minorities, and individuals serving high needs/ at-risk populations (increase diversity and representation of the number of certified doulas, peer support specialists, peer wellness specialists, community health workers, personal/patient health navigators to be on OHA’s registry) 


  • Program Expansion and Capacity Building. Preference will be given to applicants with a proven record of providing solutions to underserved regions, and vulnerable populations using traditional health workers particularly, 501(c)(3) organizations (example: addition of health promotion classes, etc.) 


  • Continue educationconferences, or other training relevant to scope of practice  
  • Development and improvement of health information technology related to needs assessment and coordination of social needs and referral* (investment in health information technology (HIT) and/or technical assistance for workflow for needs identification and care coordination
  • Nonmonetary technical assistance for quality improvement and structuring of delivery and execution of THW programing 


Grant amounts ranges from $100 to $5,000. Interested organizations or individuals should complete a brief questionnaire below. Applicants will be notified within two weeks after application has been received, and awardees will be contacted within four to six weeks of initial application.  


Deadline: **This opportunity is closed**


For more information or support completing application, contact Lily Sintim, YCCO THW Liaison at lsintim@yamhillcco.org or (503) 455-8048. 


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