Seamus McCarthy: Transformative wellbeing

By Seamus McCarthy

“Pain is different for each person.”

Sadly, Chris Trunde knows the subject well, from personal experience. From a childhood automobile accident, from arthritis and from his 48 years of living, the McMinnville resident knows back pain. He knows post-surgical pain in his hands. He feels persistent, chronic pain that made ordinary chores difficult. Pain for which medications are but a limited answer.

“It can put you down one day, and the next day it’s lesser,” Trunde says. “There are times when I need to sit still, rest or find other avenues of relief.”

But he also knows relief, thanks to Yamhill Community Care Organization (Yamhill CCO) and its Wellness Center Persistent Pain Program in McMinnville. The program shares ways to deal with chronic pain that do not include prescription pain medication. It combines an hour of education with another of gentle yoga therapy, and has recently been able to offer its graduates massage therapy.

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