Dr. Seamus McCarthy and Jenn Richter: Creating a community that instills resilience and hope

All the odds are stacked against 5-year-old Katrina, a composite for the 4,979 children served by the Yamhill Coordinated Care Organization’s Early Learning Hub and partner agencies.

Katrina and her siblings live in poverty. Their young parents hold down three jobs, but still struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck.

They live far from any extended family. But even if they were physically closer, the dysfunctional nature of that family makes it an unlikely source of support.

Dad is in recovery from alcoholism. Both Dad and Mom suffer from depression, and they lack the knowledge and guidance to respond appropriately to their children’s behavioral challenges.

Statistically, Katrina and her siblings are at high risk for becoming victims of neglect, if not abuse. That would hinder their ability to learn, lessen the likelihood of their graduation from high school and limit their prospects for success as adults.

The Yamhill CCO’s Family CORE program is capable of connecting families to nine programs operated by five agencies.

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