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This page includes medical policies, forms and medical management guidelines for both physical and behavioral health. The physical health documents are provided by CareOregon, a partner of Yamhill Community Care Organization.

For best practices and current guidelines, please refer to this page at CareOregon.

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Use the Provider Portal to verify a member’s eligibility with Yamhill Community Care Organization.

Authorization Guidelines 

Changes are posted on the 15th day of the calendar month (or the next business day).

Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures - CPT Code Grid

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Yamhill County Family and Youth Wraparound Services

Wraparound is a planning process that follows a series of steps to support youth and their families accomplish the goals needed in order to reach their vision.

  • Wraparound Flyer: The Wraparound process seeks to ensure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. It is a planning team process that brings people together from various parts of the family’s life and includes support from a Care Coordinator and sometimes a Family and/or Youth Support Partners that are experienced with the challenges youth and families face. (last updated 6/28/16)
  • Yamhill County System of Care Barrier and Community Need Form: Use this form to report any barriers that families may be experiencing in receiving the services they are needing from Wraparound.
  • Barrier Resolution Approach Diagram for Systems of Care: This diagram shows the process of how the Barrier and Community Need Form is processed once submitted.

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