Who We Are

Yamhill Community Care understands the link between early childhood education and health, and its Early Learning Hub supports programs like home visiting services, parenting classes, and child care coordination. To date, Yamhill Community Care is the only coordinated care organization to be awarded an Early Learning Hub by the Oregon Department of Education’s Early Learning Division. By being embedded in Yamhill Community Care, we are able to facilitate the creation of a holistic system of care through collaboration between medical providers, early learning providers and school districts​.​

We work together with the community to coordinate and align services to strengthen families and to improve the health and education of children.

Our goal is to make sure all young children and families have access to organized resources that support their growth, development, and lifetime wellness. This includes transportation, quality childcare, early literacy, and more. We also work with childcare and education providers to improve and coordinate their services.


All young children and their families engage in quality coordinated resources that support their growth, development and a healthy life trajectory.


The Yamhill Early Learning Council will work collaboratively to support coordinated systems that are child-centered, family friendly, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and community-based to meet the needs of the Yamhill County population and communities.

Our Three Objectives

  • Children enter school ready for success
  • Early learning services are coordinated effectively and focused on creating results
  • Children are raised in stable and attached families

Our Strategic Plan

This plan outlines specific objectives for early learning and family and youth support. Read it here.

For more information about Early Learning Hubs throughout the state, go to the Oregon Department of Education’s Early Learning Division website.