Positive Family Support

Positive Family Support-Family Check-Up (PFS-FCU) is an evidence-based, school intervention with universal, selected, and individualized components that builds positive home school connection. The PFS program designed by Arizona State University (ASU) REACH.

The PFS-FCU promotes a school culture that increases family-school engagement and positive working relationships between parents and schools. The PFS-FCU also raises parents’ awareness about the school’s expectations for positive student behavior and engages parents in promoting these prosocial behaviors. It accomplishes all this by offering schools: 1) evidence-based strategies and materials to engage families successfully, 2) research based parenting resources to share with families, 3) strategies for offering parents specific, sustained feedback about their students’ attendance, behavior, and completion of school tasks, and 4) training in how to work with parents in ways that achieve common goals of student success. Parents are more likely to support school staff’s efforts when they feel comfortable and welcome in the school, are aware of school expectations, and believe that school staff recognize their student’s strengths.

In Spring of 2017, Community Prevention and Wellness Committee funded three schools: Duniway Middle School, Patton Middle School and Willamina Middle School. The funding, in the amount of $106,738, was released to support each school in implementing the Positive Family Support (PFS) initiative.

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