Community Prevention and Wellness Committee

Meet our CPW Committee

In 2015, Yamhill Community Care Organization committed to investing in upstream prevention and wellness activities based on the recommendations of Dr. Anthony Biglan, Preventative Scientist with Oregon Research Institute and information from community stakeholders. The Community Prevention and Wellness (CPW) Committee selected an evidence-based intervention to implement within Yamhill County called the PAX Good Behavior Game. The CPW Committee focused on addressing social determinants of health by using upstream methods to reduce as much as 55% of premature death while increasing quality of life. For this reason, the CPW invested in an elementary school program and a family support program for middle schools.

  • The PAX Good Behavior Game is an evidence-based elementary school program that improves children’s self-regulation, reduces disruptive behavior, and reduces children’s psychological and behavioral problems. Its implementation in three elementary schools in Yamhill County contributed to reductions in discipline referrals, and improvements in children’s prosocial behavior, and reductions in hyperactivity and emotional behavior. A Washington State Institute for Public Policy review of research conducted over the past 20 years shows that the return on investment for this program is about $72 for every dollar invested.
  • Positive Family Supports is an evidence-based program designed to improve communication between teachers, school staff, students, and families or caregivers. This intervention has been shown to improve attendance, grades, and graduation rates, as well as impact social factors like substance use and behavioral problems. Positive Family Supports has two components: a Parent Consultant role and teacher training. The PFS Parent Consultant serves as a resource both for families and teachers, providing information, counseling, and support to improve performance and a child’s experience at school. The consultant meets with families and builds action plans to address barriers and improve performance. Teachers are trained in the PFS model, and coached to screen students for risk factors and then address those factors directly with the family.

Our CPW Committee consists of the following voting members, current as of May 2019

  • Samantha KinneyYamhill County Public Health, Community Health & Wellness Coordinator
  • Lindsey Manfrin – Chair, Health and Human Services, Deputy Director
  • Russell Mark – Juliette’s House, President/CEO
  • Raji Mathew, DDS – SmileKeepers
  • Jordan Robinson – Director, Lutheran Community Services
  • Silas Halloran-Steiner – Director, Yamhill County Health and Human Services
  • Carrie Zimbrick – Superindent of Willamina School District
  • Denise Bacon – Field Coordinator, The Ford Family Foundation

Yamhill CCO has begun a Community Prevention & Wellness Fund (CPWF) to support initiatives that will improve the long-term health of all residents in Yamhill County and reduce the rising costs of healthcare, social services and special education.


  • Building prevention as a value in business relationships
  • Identifying cost savings in other areas and directing to prevention funds
  • Grant and foundation funding
  • Investment models that may take on risk for the success of the program
  • Publicly-funded partners

Want to attend a CPW Meeting?

The CPW meets once a month to discuss important ways to improve health in the community. Meetings are open to the public, and comments or concerns are taken at the meetings. If you’d like to submit your questions or concerns without attending a meeting, please send us an email at

WHEN: the second Monday of each month, 11:00 am – 12:00pm

WHERE: 807 NE Third Street, McMinnville, OR 97128.

CPW Programs

Good Behavior Game

Positive Family Support

Healthy Futures